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Create An Ideal Environment

For Powder Coating Operations


Environmental rooms are an important component of any powder coating system. To ensure high-quality finishes and trouble-free operation, powder coating booths are typically installed within an environmental room, also referred to as clean rooms. By preventing outside contamination of parts, these rooms maintain ideal conditions for powder application regardless of the weather or operating environments.


Midwest Finishing Environmental Room Features


  • Provides an optimum environment for powder coating application and trouble-free operation

  • Eliminates outside contaminants from interfering with coating quality

  • Integrated controls for proper air distribution, temperature, and humidity control

  • Constructed with high quality insulated panels

  • Well-lit interior provides superior visibility

Environmental rooms from Midwest Finishing Systems are constructed of high quality, energy-efficient, insulated modular panels. Within each well-lit room, our custom controls maintain proper air distribution with consistent temperature and humidity conditions. Each room is maintained under positive pressure, preventing contaminants from entering the powder application area.

Environmental Rooms
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